Getting a Job with Your Credit Score?

job-credit-scoreI was listening to a libertarian leaning talk show one evening, and they talked about a “libertopia” in which government was involved in next to nothing, and in order to keep people behaving, there were companies like Fair Isaac that gave you scores, not just credit scores, but a reputation score on everything, so that people would know whether or not you are trustworthy. This interesting idea of the near future is becoming more of a reality.

Several staffing firms and companies have started checking people’s credit scores when they are applying for a job. It’s been pretty standard business practices to run a background check and have a drug test for nearly every job that you are applying for these days. They also verify the details on your resume, check for criminal behavior, determine if you are on terrorist watch lists, and see if you have a history of drug abuse.

Some companies who want to make sure they have the best employees have gone beyond these already inquisitive means of finding information about you. Now they are checking people’s credit reports to determine if there might be a reason to not hire you there. If you have some serious financial problems, health issues, or an on going divorce, chances are you are not going to be very quick to disclose that information during the job interview.

All of these things will add major stress to your life, and make you a less effective employee. If you have major financial problems and are in a situation where you would be handling money, you could be very easily tempted to take some of the money home that is not yours. If you were in a high security situation, you would be much more likely to be bought off by someone who wishes this country or that company harm.

Is there anything we can or should do about this? Probably not, it’s just a reality of living in the 21st century. It’s a bit scary of a thought because if you have debt problems and cannot get a job, that’s only going to make it worse! It can also be a bit un-easy for those of us who have money in the bank and have no need to borrow money, which will show up on our credit report that we do not have any credit, which the employer might see unfavorably. When going to the interview, be sure to become prepared to answer any questions they might have about your credit report, so that you are not weeded out because any problems on the horizon.